More than Meals

A non-profit senior service facility. Sounds a bit impersonal, yet Whistlestop is anything but. Whistlestop is about heart. It's about people that make sure our parents and grandparents reach necessary appointments, meet others, and eat well daily. DigiGlyphs produced a creative fundraising video that captured the heart of Whistlestop, while being informative and inspiring. Each viewing has brought in critical dollars for this wonderful organization.



Kaiser Permanente
Nurse Knowledge Exchange Today and with KP HealthConnect

Kaiser Permanente offers customers peace of mind when it comes to quality medical care. Kaiser's latest innovation saves lives during the critical patient handoff during shift changes. Nurse Knowledge Exchange brings nurses to patients bedsides faster and better informed than ever before. Developed by front-line nurses, DigiGlyphs had them deliver the training in a 15 minute video that plays nationally with great success.


adobe logo

Adobe Systems inc.
In Their Own Words

Adobe is a great place to work, and they wanted to make sure Fortune Magazine knew it for it's Top 100 Companies to Work For list. In a gutsy move, Adobe set DigiGlyphs loose to capture the true feelings of employees nationwide. DigiGlyphs delivered a quick-paced, heartfelt video on the joys of being an "Adobian".


Jumpin' the Broom

DigiGlyphs enjoys creating videos, especially ones with great stories. Creating short documentaries is a great way to tell a story quickly and reach a wide audience. DigiGlyphs worked with Moyo Entertainment to Produce and Co-write this award-winning story of 4 couples that share their views on love, commitment, religion, relationships, marriage and being Gay



Vanishing Link

DigiGlyphs produced, scripted, edited and illustrated this one-of-a-kind documentaryVanishing Link, about one woman's spiritual return to the Kiowa Way, the life path of her Plains Indian tribe. DigiGlyphs also created a web site, DVD, marketing and press package.

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